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Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing special report, “Who’s Left?” where we’re taking a look at all of the characters that Hasbro hasn’t gotten to yet from the six movies. Earlier this week, we compiled our list of twenty-five unmade characters from The Empire Strikes Back! Now it’s time to take a look at some of the characters from that list that we’d like to see plastic first. I’m joined by Paul Harrison and Chuck Paskovics from Jedi Temple Archives, Dan Curto from Rebelscum, Jim Cole from Droids & Ewoks, Jayson Krebsbach from Yakface, and Shawn Groves from Imperial Shipyards in this very special report.

Toryn Farr
“A perennial favorite on many collectors’ wishlists, Toryn Farr is a great choice as she not only has dialogue in TESB, “Stand by ion control. FIRE!” she also takes part in a rather climatic scene. And despite being a female character, which Hasbro insists don't sell well, Toryn Farr's release could be easily justified by recycling parts from the recent Leia (Hoth Oufit) figure sculpt and limited to a single case assortment or in an exclusive Echo Base-themed battle pack. Git'er done, Hasbro!” (Jayson Krebsbach, Yakface)

“Come on already! How often do we get to see beautiful women of Star Wars in sexy snow gear? Not often enough if you ask me! Toryn Farr may rank second to Princess Leia in her Hoth outfit, but she’s just as important to flesh out great Hoth dioramas. Hasbro may be able to very simply assemble her. I’d imagine they could reuse parts of 2010’s Leia (Hoth Outfit), and there must be a portrait somewhere in Hasbro’s huge parts catalogue that could pass for Ms. Farr. In a film that doesn’t have a bazillion aliens and creatures like Episode IV and Episode VI do, Hasbro needs to buckle down and give us the specific Rebels that make up Echo Base.” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

“An obvious choice, and a character that's been long in demand by the fans. There are differences in the outfit she wears from making her a simple repaint of Leia's Hoth gear, but there [are] enough similarities to get started. Although personally, I think she'd best be suited for an Echo Base battle pack or something similar. She should have the tactical screen as well.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“Let’s face it, besides Mon Mothma and Princess Leia, what strong female characters do we see in the Original Trilogy period, let alone The Empire Strikes Back? This particular figure could sure get a great card too (pick your choice of control station or the Ion Cannon). I for one could hear Toryn Farr’s “ion control” line over and over again. I also think it would be great to see an Echo Base female figure period besides another Hoth Leia. Don’t get me wrong, we have seen some great sculpts of Leia in her Hoth outfit, but surely if we can get a male Echo Base Rebel Trooper we can get a female one. The other thing to think about is the fact that if they do make her we could even potentially see her fire control station and (cross my fingers) a real 3.75” Ion Cannon playset. Delusions of grandeur aside, wouldn’t that be something we would all like to see? At the very least we could put a female inside our Echo Base dios besides Leia!” (Shawn Groves, Imperial Shipyards)

Snowtrooper Commander
“I think we have to face the fact that Vader and Veers weren’t everywhere during the Battle of Hoth. There would have had to been a few of these guys to keep the advances going. Whether or not folks want to argue about this character’s appearance, who in their right mind wouldn’t want one of these to command the Snowtrooper squads or platoons most of us have by now? Add in a few neat accessories like a communications array or a fancy re-breather and holstered pistols and you have just manned up one of our already favorite characters anyhow. I could even see a neat little holographic pad with a little mini Vader demanding a report. We have seen Stormtrooper Commanders, why not Snowtrooper ones?” (Shawn Groves, Imperial Shipyards)

Lieutenant Sheckil
“Out of all the Imperial officers from The Empire Strikes Back that haven’t yet seen plastic, I think Lieutenant Sheckil stands out the most. Not only is he portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch (aka Boba Fett), he’s also the officer who escorts the Rebel prisoners through the halls of Cloud City and uses the princess as a human shield once laser blasts start flying! This figure could be made from existing parts and would only require a new headsculpt, so I think Sheckil would be a great addition to the line.” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

“As another long-requested figure, Lt. Sheckil seems like a no-brainer for a release due to availability of generic officer sculpts and for the fact that we need more Imperials for our ranks. Plus, any character that uses Leia as a human shield deserves to have a figure made of him.” (Jayson Krebsbach, Yakface)

“I could pick any one of the green-uniformed officers from The Empire Strikes Back to be made, and truthfully a generic super articulated officer in the green uniform would suffice. However, this particular officer always stood out to me because he showed just how cowardly the Imperial ranks had become, using a prisoner as a human shield. If any of them get made in any form other than generic, this guy should get his day in plastic! A “Bespin Escape” battle pack would be a great way to take a super articulated generic green officer and pop a Lieutenant Sheckil head on him!” (Chuck Paskovics, Jedi Temple Archives)

Captain Lennox
“Good. Our first catch of the day.” That ironic statement alone is worth this figure's release not to mention a nice stock photo available to use for the Vintage cardback. Again, seems like a nice opportunity to recycle existing tooling with minimal investment on new parts while giving us a “new” figure for our expanding plastic Empire.” (Jayson Krebsbach, Yakface)

“The more Imperial Officers the better and with this one you could have two facial sculpts, the one where he thinks he is getting a catch of the day and the other one where his Star Destroyer gets hit by the Ion Cannon and is veering out of control. Since he also sees action [in the Battle of Endor] it just makes sense to have him rather than some other obscure captain who decides an apology to Vader is a good idea. How he got past Vader to command again in [the Battle of Endor] is surprising, but I could sure see a card with him talking to another officer with Hoth in the background.” (Shawn Groves, Imperial Shipyards)

Major Trey Callum
“Generic Rebel soldiers are awesome, but Major Trey Callum (the officer who first spotted Imperial walkers!) is a chance for Hasbro to make a specific character with a somewhat unique looking outfit for our Hoth displays. After getting a pretty great Hoth Rebel back in 2009 and seeing the upcoming figure in the Echo Base uniform at Toy Fair a couple weeks ago, I think we need to see Major Trey Callum next.” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

“The mish-mash of uniforms and outfits worn by the Rebels showed just how scrappy a bunch they were, and any Rebel soldier in a different Hoth outfit would be welcome. While army builders love the generic rebels, I like having some brass to lead them into battle too. So, adding a major to the ranks would be great!” (Chuck Paskovics, Jedi Temple Archives)

“You mean they haven’t made the figure for the guy who spotted and called in the walkers? What more do you have to do! I can already envision him sitting in a bunker in the Hoth Rebel lines with his binocs in hand ready to report. Kind of like Echo Base personnel I do not think we have near enough varied Hoth Rebels to man the various defensive stations a properly outfitted Rebel Base would require. The reason I picked him over some of the others listed is because he might also be one of the only ones in the outside battle I remember staying stationary long enough for me to make out his facial features. For some reason the rest of em were sailing through the air or running away?” (Shawn Groves, Imperial Shipyards)

Captain Wyron Serper
“Yeah, I want all the Hoth officers at Echo Base. Hasbro is dragging their feet and it’s making me more and more impatient. To their credit, Hasbro at Toy Fair showed off a brilliant Echo Base Trooper (which satisfies the 1980 Kenner vintage Hoth Rebel Soldier – but I don’t expect them to get the card back artwork right, this figure is just too confusing). But I digress. We need all of the officers (captains, commanders, what-have-you) with specific names. Captain Serper is only the beginning. There were a lot on Hoth. And we must receive every single one from Hasbro. It’s a no-brainer and I don’t get why Hasbro doesn’t see this and milk it.” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

Officer Tigran Jamiro
“Now that we know an Echo Base Trooper figure is in the works, it's only a matter of time before fans start rallying behind this character. Since he did have a speaking line in the film, it's very possible we'll see him. Plus, the Battle of Hoth needs more Rebels!” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Sergeant Merril
“If you polled 10 collectors, it’s likely 5 of them will state with 100% certainty that Sergeant Edian from 2009’s Legacy Collection is Sergeant Merril painted to be of African descent. I can’t say I agree. Although I do feel that the action figure likeness of Edian is not that great when compared to the onscreen character. That debate I do support. But one thing is for sure and that is we need Sergeant Merril in the basic figure line. Since Hasbro has already made a fantastic Cloud City Wing Guard sculpt, they need to start pumping out all of the nationalities that were onscreen in The Empire Strikes Back. I want an Asian, Latino, additional black and more white Bespin security guards. What’s the delay Hasbro? But Sergeant Merril is high on my list. He is SO very visible in Episode V!” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

Treva Horme & Wiorkettle
“Treva Horme and Wiorkettle would both be great additions to the line. We hardly see any aliens in The Empire Strikes Back, so that fact alone makes these two good candidates for release. Plus, they both belong to alien species (Snivvian and Lutrillian) that also showed up in the Mos Eisley cantina and were only seen in the Original Trilogy, and I think stuff like that is awesome.” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

“Believe it or not, I've always had a fondness for [Treva Horme and Wiorkettle] and they are based on other aliens seen throughout the Original Trilogy. So the headsculpts could be re-used for those as well, and since these two are basically just wrapped in robes, perhaps Hasbro might get creative with soft goods and knock them both out in one shot?” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“An interesting looking alien that lived in Cloud City. Treva Horme is actually the same species as Solomohal who was mentioned [in the Episode IV report]. I like aliens, and since they are rare in The Empire Strikes Back, this barely seen character might be a fun one to add to the line.” (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

“[Treva Horme] always intrigued me when I was a kid. We didn’t get to see a lot of aliens (compared to Star Wars) in TESB, so when our gang of heroes arrived at Cloud City we were treated to a few aliens, including this one. With barely any screen time (just a blur really), she first caught my attention in one of the books and I always thought she would make a great action figure. I wanted to know more about this creature. She reminded me of the aliens that captivated us in the Mos Eisley Cantina.” (Chuck Paskovics, Jedi Temple Archives)

IG-88B (Battle Damaged)
“There's no real reason to make this droid, other than it would be nice to see the IG-88 figure again. Of course, if you know the backstory, you'll need to have 5 different IG droids to have the full set. Don't you just LOVE the Expanded Universe?” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“When I first saw the IG droid sitting, deactivated in a scrap heap I always imagined this was the intriguing bounty hunter we saw on Vader’s flagship. The Expanded Universe made that a reality and this would make a great addition to a battle pack featuring the Ugnaughts and some scrap!” (Chuck Paskovics, Jedi Temple Archives)

Lee Phenets
“We got Willrow Hood, and now I’d like to see some more obscure Cloud City citizens, starting with the human Ugnaught, Lee Phenets! He’d go great with those two Ugnaughts we got a couple years ago, and I think our Bespin displays just wouldn’t be complete without him. It’s really cool that there are still some totally random freaks like Mr. Phenets with little or no backstory in the Star Wars universe.” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

“It may sound bizarre for anyone to want a tall Ugnaught sans mask, but I do. Could this be a blooper that didn’t get caught in the editing room? Unlikely, but I think it would be a great figure to complement any Bespin collection of figures. It seems that Hasbro also can compile a figure with already existing parts, so this one should be an easy one to knock out. It would clearly have to satisfy the collector requirement and maybe not have that high of a production, but I’d like to see him nonetheless.” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

“Believe it or not, there ARE humans on Cloud City that know how to run the carbon freezing chamber! Another blink-and-you'll miss him character, this guy might be a bit too obscure for a single carded release...but with a little creative kit-bashing, perhaps he could be released in a multipack with some more Ugnaughts?” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

We’d like to thank our contributors for their insight! Any of the choices listed above would certainly be welcome additions to the line. We hope you’ve enjoyed this very special report, and come back on Saturday, March 12, when we’ll be taking a look at Return of the Jedi!

If you'd like your fan site to participate in our "Who's Left?" reports, please contact us! We want as many opinions as possible. Also, please take a moment to comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you think of our new "Who's Left?" feature!

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