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Here's the latest installment in our ongoing special report, "Who's Left?" where we're taking a look at all of the characters that Hasbro hasn't gotten to yet from the six movies. Earlier this week, we compiled our list of over forty unmade characters from A New Hope! Now it's time to take a look at some of the characters from that list that we'd like to see plastic first. I’m joined by Paul Harrison from Jedi Temple Archives, Dan Curto from Rebelscum, Jim Cole from Droids & Ewoks, and Pat Newell from Imperial Shipyards in this very special report.

Arleil Schous
"One of the memorable and scary cantina aliens for us old timers back before he was replaced by another character in the Special Edition. Arleil Schous looks kind of like a cross between a wolf and a vampire bat, and would make for a really cool looking figure." (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

Boelo & Gela Yeens
"Aliens are great, but the Star Wars galaxy wouldn't be complete without all those random human thugs. Boelo and Gela Yeens would look SO cool waiting next to the BMF with Jabba, Boba Fett and a few Greedo figures to intimidate a certain Corellian smuggler." (David Delgado, Echo Base Forums)

"Give [Gela Yeens] an eye patch, a sash, and a peg leg and this guy will sail the seven seas as a pirate! Jabba's henchmen are so vast in array, you need them all. No Docking Bay 94 diorama is complete without all of his pirates, so bring out this mustachioed scoundrel already!" (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

"How about this: a multipack with Jabba, these two troublemakers, a few Rodian (Greedo) repaints, and a Boba Fett in ANH-specific colors (I don't think that has ever been done yet!). I'd love to see the guy in the furry vest as well, but I'm sure that would just be way too confusing!" (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Brea & Senni Tonnika
"It's been thirty-five years. We need at least one Tonnika sister. Hasbro's said no countless times but it's really annoying that that's seemed to stop the collecting community from asking for the Tonnikas. People think it's a waste of time to put them on wishlists, but I disagree and I think if we want to see them in our collections then we need to keep asking and asking and asking rather than just giving up. If Hasbro can make the legendary albeit ridiculously obscure Ice Cream Maker Guy, then they can find a way to give us the infamous Star…well, you know the rest of their nickname." (David Delgado, Echo Base Forums)

"Seriously, this shouldn't even be an option, it should be mandatory! These two have been rumored more times than I can count, and who doesn't want more, sexy women in their Star Wars Universe? A 2-pack would be great for this, with accessories such as their bar glasses and such. If and when Hasbro finally makes this pair of sultry seducers, I sure hope they take their time and really do the sculpts well!" (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

"Fans want them made. Hasbro wants to make them. Lucasfilm says no. Until this stand changes, it's a waste of time. EVERYONE would love to see them made, but until LFL changes their minds, I am going to follow our own rule and NOT talk about these two. Oh, wait…" (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Commander Daine Jir
"This guy is the first Imperial officer we see interacting with Darth Vader in the movies, and during their conversation the commander puts his life in grave "Daine Jir" by openly questioning the Dark Lord's judgment. But he doesn't get strangled, so clearly he's one of the few officers Darth Vader seems to respect, and that's pretty cool. And our Imperial armies are in desperate need of a super-articulated black tunic Imperial officer, so let's see Commander Daine Jir!" (David Delgado, Echo Base Forums)

"Oh boy do I want the sneering and pious Commander Daine Jir as an action figure! One of the few Imperials to have lengthy dialogue with Darth Vader, he portrayed himself as an emotionless Imperial whose goal was to complete his mission commanded by Vader at any cost. Ensuring that Vader's orders were followed through to a "T", I wonder why he isn't a prime candidate for an action figure. But Hasbro needs to develop a generic and super-articulated version of an Imperial Commander first. The current versions out there have their share of issues for sure." (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

Del Goren
"I loved this guy in Star Wars. An obvious "radio operator" in the Star Wars saga, he warned the Rebel Alliance of incoming Imperial TIE fighters. He has a rather bland but timeless outfit on and we bet once Hasbro makes this sculpt that they'll be able to give us some other awesome Rebel action figures. The Battle of Yavin provided so many distinctly similar outfits and I don't think we have enough. Hopefully Hasbro makes, if not him, other Rebel action figures soon. The Rebels are being outnumbered by Imperials! Help us Hasbro, you're our only hope!" (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

M-HYD 6804
"The sandcrawler droid that looks like an old wood stove. A very unique droid with a nostalgic look to add to your collection!" (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

"Bring me more aliens for more customs! This Lizard-Man looks like a lot of fun, and kids like aliens as well, so it'll be a good seller all around, in my opinion." (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

Mosep Binneed
"The Nimbanel species needs some representation in the line! They're unique and funny looking aliens and I'm pretty sure we only see them in the Original Trilogy. And in the original Marvel Star Wars comic, Jabba the Hutt was a Nimbanel! Awesome." (David Delgado, Echo Base Forums)

"Again I wonder. How is it possible that we still don't have the comic book interpretation of Jabba the Hutt? I am not claiming that Mosep was Jabba the Hutt, but his species was in the Marvel comic. And he is such an easy to find alien in Chalmun's Cantina. He looks more walrus than Walrusman and I love the bald head and mullet he sports. The red outfit is just the icing on the cake. He looks like a hybrid of many cantina aliens we have already received, but I still want him for my collection. Here is hoping he is on taps somewhere within the long life of The Vintage Collection." (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

"This is one of my favorites from this list, because I like to think of this guy as "Jabba the Hut" (yes, one "T") from the old Marvel Comics adaptation. For those that may not know, the Docking Bay 94 scene did not have the Jabba we now know in it, so they included a human stand-in. However, the comic adaptation showed a random alien (guess who?) taking the place of Jabba…who also appeared in a later issue of the series. This would be a very cool figure to see at some point, and in fact there was a rumor a few years ago of a Comic Pack in the bright colors." (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Sai'torr Kal Fas
"This seems like a no-brainer that we'll get this eventually, even as a repaint/kit-bash. Hopefully when and if the time comes, Hasbro will take a look at A New Hope and correct the details they got wrong on Hrchek Kal Fas." (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

"Solomahal's another cool looking cantina critter that I'd like to see made. He's a Lutrillian, another alien species that only appears in the cherished Original Trilogy movies. As if being a really unique cantina alien wasn't enough, according to Wookieepedia Solomahal was also a Republic general during the Clone Wars! Wouldn't it be awesome if he showed up in the cartoon?" (David Delgado, Echo Base Forums)

"One of the aliens from the cantina who has still never been recreated in action figure form. I honestly don't remember ever spotting him in the movie, but apparently he's there! I don't buy one of every figure, but the cantina is always the exception for me, so he would be a sure pick up." (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

"This figure has been on rumor lists for at least seven years now if my memory serves me correctly. And while I am confident we will see this character made into an action figure one day, the wait is grueling. It's nice to know however that Hasbro is intent on bringing us at least two new cantina aliens per year. It's not that brisk of a rate, but they'll all eventually get here to us. But how could a "humanoid fly" not already be buzzing around Hasbro by now I wonder. Maybe 2012? Maybe 2013? But I hope this character comes sooner than later." (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

"Wouldn't it be cool to have that one unique Jawa that towers over all the rest? If we're gonna see a single Jawa on a vintage-style card (which would be so awesome), it might as well be a freakishly tall one so we feel like we're getting a little more out of our $8.99." (David Delgado, Echo Base Forums)

We'd like to thank our contributors for their insight! Any of the choices listed above would certainly be welcome additions to the line. We hope you've enjoyed this very special report, and come back next Friday when we'll be taking a look at The Empire Strikes Back!

If you'd like your fan site to participate in our "Who's Left?" reports, please contact us! We want as many opinions as possible. Also, please take a moment to comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you think of our new "Who's Left?" feature!

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